In the corner of the Bakony's heart

In the corner of the Bakony's heart

Lovely Green House

You will find our Guesthouse in a dead-end village called Bakonyszücs with only 300 inhabitants, situated in the corner of the Bakony’s heart, Bakonyalja. Lovely Green House is a guesthouse where you can immediately feel yourself at home, yet, everything is a bit different. Where the true value is yourself, where the beauty of nature and silence surrounds you, still, you can relax together with your family and friends in a creative and active way. Get great experiences which you will be happy to remember years later. We offer you a wide range of rooms and community spaces in our Guesthouse, our ever-changing garden and at our adventure programs.

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Blue Room
Turquoise Room
Community space
Blue Shower Room
Turquoise Shower Room