Our Guesthouse

Our Guesthouse

In the corner of the Bakony's heart, where you can feel yourself at home!

Our Guesthouse is a perfect place for larger groups of friends and families who love to share experiences and enjoy staying together in a cozy place. 

We also recommend it for those who like to spend their holidays active in a peaceful, green environment, surrounded by fresh air, as we do not only provide adventure programs but the multifunctional guesthouse, the magic of the colourful garden and the wild and romantic Bakony offers various program options for our guests as well. The community space and the well-equipped kitchen diner established on the ground floor is a perfect place for busy social programmes, while our comfortable rooms in the attic make it possible for all of our guests to relax and detach from the world.


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For our guests



Active Vacation Package

From the services above, on the basis of prior consultation, we provide a customized “Active Vacation” Package including significant discounts, which will be perfectly tailored to the specific needs, schedule and composition of the group. Ask for our customized package offer.

Creative Chef

When cooking from the heart, it will be felt in the taste of the food prepared, so besides tasting the flavours, you will have a real culinary experience. In the life of friends and families, cooking is also a community building experience. We have developed our Creative Chef program for larger groups, during which the participants can experience the inspiring feeling of creative cooking and the power of cooperation spiced with the joy of competition and play. At the end of the program, the participants have their prepared meals together. Thus, by the end of the game, cooking becomes a true community experience.

Picnic under the Open Sky

What would be more refreshing during walking or hiking than sitting down in the grass and having some snacks with a good drink? After collecting our four-person picnic backpack, the picnic packages made ready and the waterproof blanket, you just need to find a nice green place where you would love to spend a couple of hours. You can find great places for a picnic near the fishing lake at the end of the village within walking distance, but a special picnic place can be Zsörk as well, which is a deserted village 5 km away.

Sport equipment and game rental

We provide sport equipment rental service including manuals and personal instructions. Equipment currently available: Dart board and arrows, poker set with ceramic chips, archery equipment with archery board and arrows, badminton equipment, football and 2 bicycles. Roughly 100 m away from the Guesthouse an indoor sports-court is available for rent to play basketball, indoor soccer or badminton.

The Joy of Creation Workshop

If you desire to engage yourself in creative activities during your vacation, contact Rita, with the help of whom you will have the opportunity to experience the joy of creation in the DIY Barn during a 1.5-2 hour long workshop. In the DIY Barn, tools, equipment and materials for various handicraft and DIY programs will be made available on the basis of prior consultation. We will also provide you with background music and refreshers carefully selected to the absorbed and creative work.

Wine Tasting in the Cellar of the House

Tibor, your host, is a dedicated artisan winemaker as well, who would be delighted to speak about wines and the enjoyment of wine in the cellar of the house which is comfortable for even 12 people. We also offer you snacks during the wine tasting, so to avoid having this special drink get into your head immediately. Those, who feel like, can sing as well, as the nicely designed cellar has great acoustics. You can truly enjoy this wine experience while sitting on the bench made of the old barn’s stringers and tasting the special artisan wines from sparkling glasses on the parapets made of barrels. Only over 18 years of age!

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If our Guesthouse has attracted your interest, please see our Prices and Booking page where you have the possibility to request a customized offer as well.

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