If we do it together, everything works more smoothly.

We believe in cooperation

As business development experts and creative persons, we both consider it our mission to make such an impact on our environment by combining new with old, being inspired by others, which supports the future and the future generation with the help of our experiences on a domestic and an international level as well. We believe in the power of community, cooperation, sharing experiences, spreading creative thoughts and the power of the steps taken together. During the reconstruction works on our house and when choosing our fixtures, we always searched for the products of such entrepreneurs whom we share the same philosophy. We will follow this route, therefore we are open to further partner cooperation agreements.

Business partnership proposal to handicraftsmen and creatives

We are looking for such handicraft and creative businesses who share the philosophy of the Lovely Green House and would be happy to cooperate with us on the joint implementation of a program. This program can either be a product tour combined with pregustation, where our partners can propagate their products, or a creative workshop where the participants are introduced to the products of our partners and may try them out in practice. Request our customized offer.

Business partnership proposal to trainers and organizers

Lovely Green House is perfectly suitable for holding one- or multiple- day long courses, trainings or longer workshops optionally combined with accommodation service and other leisure programs. We have equipped our training room for up to 15-20 people on the ground floor of our Guesthouse in such a way that is adaptable both to trainings and workshops (projector, several pinwand presentation boards, well-equipped moderator bag, Refillable markers, moderator cards in colour etc.). During these events, upon request, catering service for the participants is available in the large kitchen-diner of the Guesthouse. The rest areas of the garden and of the porch can also be used for group tasks. Both of us are graphic recorders so we can take visual notes during the training. Request our customized offer.

Business partnership proposal to HR managers and business owners

On the basis of the various opportunities of the Lovely Green House, we have developed a special team building program under the name Pentathlon. Details of the five challenges that the group has to complete are customized in consultation with the customer depending on the composition, expectations and achievable goals of the group. Our team building service includes full board accommodation and conduction of the program elements, therefore the leader can participate in the program as a member of the team and enjoy the tasks. At the end of the program, jointly with the customer, we evaluate the effects of the program and how the participants rated their personal and group development. Request our customized offer.


Feedback from the program testers on the Pentathlon program

I hereby would like to thank You for the fantastic weekend!

It was very useful and edifying, I am sure that we will nourish ourselves and develop from the experiences gained at your place for a very long time.

Lovely Green House is a fantastic idea in a beautiful environment which energizes and which is just as loveable as You are, and the great many creative ideas and self-made solutions make the place even more special.

I hope you will find happiness in it and have it as the home you’ve always dreamt about for a long time.

Feedback from the CEO on behalf of the P2M team


I feel myself to be very much urban, however, those couple of days spent at your place has shown me much of the attractive side of country life and the life in a very small village.

The atmosphere of the village became very different by the fact that we had already known the key players from your stories, and to meet them in person was like bumping into an old acquaintance, it was such a feeling a little bit like talking to a celebrity though.

The house is just fantastic, I don’t have to mention how much energy you’ve put into it, as it’s clearly visible, and yes, it will take one or even two times as much, but (on a smaller scale), I take gentle care of and look after a 20 years old car just like you do with your house, and we know exactly that it will never be finished, and the curve of perfection will only huddle up against the peak point, making it better and better.

I liked the programs very much, especially the village rally, as there was investigation, interesting information, excitement and all what it takes.

Feedback from a member of the P2M group