DIY Barn

DIY Barn

Where there is no limit to your creativity

The DIY Barn is none other than an opportunity to experience your inner creativity and to let your fantasies run wild. It is equipped well enough for holding DIY, handicraft, sewing, drilling-carving, painting lessons, but can be the location of other creative programs as well. The DIY Barn is open not only to the participants of the offered programs, but to our guests as well. Both adults and children (accompanied by an adult) may try out themselves and the freedom of their inner creativity.

“Creativity is what happens when the dreamer meets to doer.” - said Joshua Wolf Shenk. We dream it together and we do it together. Register for our programs.

Creative Woman Program

Do you adore Pinterest and browse the different creative websites, but you just occasionally have the time at home to bring your ideas to life? Did you always want to start converting your ideas into reality but you never had the courage to do so? Do you want to spend your time in the company of inspiring, happy and creative women with whom you can share your ideas and dreams? If your answer is yes, then this program is made for you! This 3-day program will take you from the planning phase to implementation and will bring out your creative feminine energies.

Let it All Be Homemade - Do It Yourself!

If your friends would say that you are a person who gets everything done, who loves to bring into life your ideas and who can make wonders from useless things, then this program is made for you! You will find inspiration and company, and you can compose, create new things, which might be homemade cheese, a skep, homemade soap, batik or knit fabric. To do so, we provide you with tools, space and company in the DIY Barn. The length of this program is a half or a whole day.

Make it More Colourful! - chair and furniture repainting

Turn your old furniture into something more colourful, and it will be the new jewel of your home in no time. We provide you with smaller pieces of furniture and other household objects, so you can try out the process of painting in practice. We will show you step-by-step, from the designing phase to implementation, how to do it. Old chairs of the Lovely Green House’s community spaces were designed and repainted by our friends based on their individual fantasies. If you would like to try it out, come and: “just bring it on and paint!”

The Joy of Creation - Programs for Children

Creation is often an end in itself, and the creator is not making his/her masterpiece for curious eyes. This is okay because we get such self-confidence during creation (by the feeling that we have brought something into being) which never can be taken away from us. This can be a lifetime experience, that’s why it is better to start it in childhood. The goal of these 1-1.5 hour long DIY Barn Children’s Programs is to free children’s imagination and to enable them to create with joy using various tools and techniques.