Creative Gastro Corner

Creative Gastro Corner

Where you, the gastronome, can crank up your creativity

As creative gastronomes and as part of our hedonistic philosophy, we will soon set up the Creative Gastro Corner in the Lovely Green House. This planned space will not only be designed to have a cozy place for the guests and program participants of the Guesthouse to cook together or join a pregustation, but to contribute to the preservation and development of the Hungarian culinary culture and traditions. Creative Gastro Corner will be an ideal place for learning and experimenting. Currently the programs of the Creative Gastro Corner are held on the existing terrace and in the kitchen-diner of the Guesthouse, as its spirit is all around. For current and updated program offers, please read the section below.


Cook Together with our Guest Chef!

It is rarely possible to learn from a real chef. Now you get this opportunity! Our guest chef will visit us and show the preparation of a whole menu. During the program you will get the opportunity to learn the techniques of the chef, and afterwards, while eating the meals prepared together, we will talk with the chef and share our experiences.

Right Brain Oenophilia

You will get an insight into the methodology of “Right Brain Oenophilia”, the right brain enjoyment of wine, during which you will taste the wines of the TiBorok Cellar. The program’s goal is not to taste the wines one after another by way of analyzing them, but to live your memories and to immerse yourself in the experience. Those who love creativity and good wines shall definitely try it out! Over six persons, this service is available for our guests as well.